Part 1

by Zera

Chapter 1

"Damn," Dwayne whispered as the rain fell harder and faster onto the road, making it harder to drive along the highway. "It's getting bad out, Erika; we should stop for the night," he told her as he pulled to the side of the highway.

Dwayne and Erika were coming home from a party Dwayne's sister was holding. Rusty begged to stay behind so he and Jeffy could play.

"There was a town not too far back; you want to try and see if they have a hotel there?" Erika asked as she sat up, trying to relieve the pressure on her back from sitting too long.

"Good idea." Dwayne started to move into the lane and turn around on the slippery roads, but the car wasn't willing to work with him. "Maybe it would be safer to go ahead and stop at the next town."

Well, driving along, the rain was getting thicker and falling even faster. Shortly after the stop, Erika began to notice that it was no longer rain that was falling; they were getting the snow that she was wishing for.

Dwayne started to breathe a lot easier as he drove into the small town. Driving along the streets, the town seemed to be used to the amount of snow and rain that was falling down. He managed to find a small hotel that didnít look full.

"Here we go," Dwayne smiled as he opened Erikaís door on her side of the car.

"Such a gentleman." Erika kissed Dwayneís cheek as they walked arm and arm to check in for the night.

The snow had turned to ice, thanks to the rain, making it harder to walk to the hotel; the snow was now knee-deep as well. Erika struggled to walk in the snow as she leaned against Dwayne for balance.

Once the two made it into the hotel, they walked to the front desk, praying for two rooms to be free -- if not, one with two beds.

"Hello?" Erika rang the front desk bell. A man walked out of the back room and greeted them.

"You both are in luck! I just got off the phone. I have one free room left." He smiled as he looked to the couple.

"By any chance would it have two beds?" Dwayne asked, as Erika looked to him.

"I am sorry; the people who canceled had the honeymoon suite," the man told them.

"It's better than nothing -- weíll take it." Erika smiled as she pulled out her credit card.

"Good, good." The man smiled as he ran the card though his computer.

"Are you sure, Erika?" Dwayne asked as he pulled her away a bit.

"You and I are old enough to know what we can and canít do," Erika told him. "Besides, I am too tired to do anything."

Dwayne smiled and shook his head. "What was I thinking?" he whispered to himself.

"Here you both go -- Room 192. Itís at the end of the hall; turn right and left again." The man smiled as he handed Erika the room key and her credit card.

"Iíll go get the bags. Why donít you make sure the room is warm enough." Dwayne kissed Erikaís hand and then turned to go out into the snow.

Erika almost had heartache as she walked into the room. The man was right; it was a honeymoon suite. The bed was heart-shaped; there was a hot tub in the room along with a dresser and bathroom. As she walked in and began to look around, she began to feel more comfortable. She and Dwayne were too close to each other; neither would do something the other would disagree with. He would never hurt her. Though the good thing was, the room had a couch.

"Hey, a hot tub," Dwayne smiled as he walked into the room.

"Ya...." Erika smiled, facing Dwayne as he placed the bags on the floor.

"Iíll...ah. Have the couch," he told Erika as he took his bag to it.

"You and I are grownups; we are old enough to share a bed," Erika told him as she sat on the bed. "If you sleep on the couch youíll have a stiff neck in the morning."

"Fine, Iím going to have a shower." Dwayne smiled as he walked into the bathroom carrying his things.

Since Dwayne was going to be gone for a while, Erika decided to get dressed and ready for bed, then to call Rusty and make sure he was all right.

As Dwayne finished in the bathroom he found Erika lying down on the bed in her pjís. Smiling to himself, he walked over to the bed. "How was your son today?" Dwayne asked as he crawled into bed with Erika.

"Heís fine; he canít wait to talk to the Big Guy, however." Erika smiled.

"Maybe when we get home." Dwayne moved a piece of Erikaís hair from her face.

"You donít have to...." Erika moved closer to Dwayne.

"No, I donít." Dwayne kissed Erika slowly on the lips. Erika wrapped her arms around Dwayneís neck as she slowly kissed him back. Time began to move slowly for the couples as Dwayneís hand begin to feel Erikaís soft skin.

Erika woke up to a warm body lying next to her, and remembered what had taken place the night before. Gently she ran her hand along Dwayneís arm that was wrapped around her body. Slowly it wrapped itself around her tighter as Dwayne woke up.

"íMorning," he whispered as he kissed her cheek.

Erika frowned as she rolled over to face him. "Where do we go from here?"

"What do you mean?" Dwayne asked.

"What will happened to us?" Erika asked as she moved her hair from her face. "I mean, last night -- it meant something, didnít it?"

"It did," Dwayne re-wrapped his arms around her. "More than you or I will know...." Dwayne kissed her as he tried to find the words to say.

Chapter 2

Erika woke to a bad case of morning sickness. She debated whether going to work was even possible at the moment. Yet she had been going though the same emotions for the last week now.

"Erika, are you all right in there?" Dwayne knocked on the bathroom door, walking slowly in.

"Iím great, why do you ask?" Erika smiled as she looked to the toilet.

"Youíre coughing and gagging?" Dwayne petted her hair.

"I am going to the doctors this afternoon," Erika told Dwayne, "Iím not sure whatís going on."

"Iíll see if the General can let me off at that time," Dwayne kissed her head. "Why donít you take the day off and relax?"

"Donovan is the reason."

"Screw him, you are able to get sick once in awhile." Dwayne picked Erika up and placed her in their bed. "Miss Erika Hunter is able to take a day and relax, you know. Iíll call your boss and take Rusty to spend the day with the Big Guy."

"Thanks," Erika smiled as Dwayne tucked her in to the bed. "I love you."

"I love you more, Erika." Dwayne kissed her forehead. "Iíll call you at lunch unless Iím fighting a monster or anything; then the Pit Crew will call." Dwayne blew Erika a kiss and left the room.

That afternoon

"Congratulations, Erika and Dwayne."

"What do you mean?" Erika asked.

"Youíre soon going to have a addition to your family -- two to be...."

"What do you mean?" Erika re-asked.

"You're pregnant with twins. I would say youíre about 2 months along, now." The doctor smiled as he handed Dwayne the results.

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