How We Got Together

Part 2

by Zera

"You're pregnant with twins. I would say you’re about 2 months now." The doctor smiled as he handed Dwayne the results.

"Oh, my...." Erika held her hands to her month.

"Shoot, you didn’t take long to get pregnant." Dwayne shook his head.

"I was pregnant before we married," Erika laughed, "So much for not being able to get pregnant the first time!"

"I know...." Dwayne stood up and shook the doctor's hand. "Thank you, doctor."

"You're welcome. Have a great afternoon."

"Thanks." Erika smiled as she got up.

As the two left the doctor's office it began to kick into Dwayne that he was a daddy-to-be.

"Let’s go celebrate!" Dwayne kissed Erika’s check as he opened her door.

"I am dying for ice cream," Erika smiled. "Chocolate, with candy through it."

"All right." Dwayne walked to his side of the car and begin to start it.

"Then we go to the S.S. Dark Horse and tell everyone." Erika smiled as she leaned back. "Twins. Rusty is going to flip!"

"Wait, this means I have 3 kids, doesn’t it?" Dwayne smiled.

"Three is a good number." Erika placed her hand on top of Dwayne’s. "We’ll do fine, trust me. You’re a great father to Rusty, so in a way you’re more then ready for this."

"Rusty is a robot; you’re having human babies. There is a difference."

"Is there? I have always treated Rusty as if he was a human." Erika smiled as she held her belly. "I also want him to be a part of the babies' lives."

"He will be; don’t worry." Dwayne smiled, pulling into an ice cream store. "I’ll get enough for all of us, and we’ll head over to the ship and gloat about the babies."

"Right." Erika smiled and leaned into the seat.

On the S.S. Dark Horse

"So -- Dwayne, is the doctor going to live?" Jo smiled as she jumped off the Big Guy’s shoulder.

"She is." Dwayne set down the bag of ice cream.

"What did you bring us?" Garth asked.

"Good news." Erika smiled. "Dwayne and I found out some good information today!"

"That Area 51 is real?" Mack asked.

"Better," Dwayne smiled. "Erika’s pregnant."

"What?" Jo and Mack looked at each other.

"You crazy?!" Garth smiled as he and Dwayne hugged as congratulations

"That is soo cool!" Rusty flew into the room. "Ah, what is pregnant?"

"Your mother's having a baby!" Garth told the young robot.

"How?" Rusty asked as he went to Erika’s side.

Erika was unsure if Rusty was old enough to understand or not. Maybe it would be easier if a man was to tell him. "Dwayne, care to explain?" Erika asked as she laughed, tapping Rusty’s nose.

"When you’re older, son," Dwayne told the boy robot. "Anyone want ice cream?"

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