Quark Industries and the Quark Tower

Quark Industries is a vibrant, growing multinational corporation providing the world with advanced robotics and more! Tomorrow begins today with quality Quark products for home, business, and government. And Quark defends the world with the Big Guy, Rusty, and the space station-mounted asteroid cannon!

Er, yeah. Well, maybe Quark Industries used to be pretty hot, but then they picked Dr. Axel Donovan to be their CEO. Oh, well. Anyway, Rusty and Dr. Erika Slate, Rusty's creator and engineer, are stuck working with a creep for a boss. On the other hand, their workplace is pretty cool, albeit quite the trouble magnet.

Quark Tower

The Quark Tower is about 900 feet tall (about 300 yards, according to Dr. Slate in ep 119). This makes Quark Tower shorter than the Chrysler Building, but still fairly impressive. It stands on a hill overlooking the harbor and the bay, just west of New Tronic City's downtown and within sight of the Fort.

Dr. Slate's Lab

Dr. Slate's lab is on the 28th floor (according to "Double Time Part 2"). This view shows the lab's actual floor level. The door to the left in the foreground leads to Rusty's room; the three windows look into it. The ring in the ceiling is Rusty's exit route to the roof (also the exit for a good few Legion Ex Machina robots). Erika does most of her paperwork and research in the office area on the built-up floor up the small stairs. The large machine on the back wall is the nucleo-proton pump, which is where Dr. Slate gets Rusty's nucleoproton energy.

Here's a closer look at Dr. Slate's desk, Rusty's examination table, and the nucleo-proton pump's exterior.

Rusty's room is dominated by the local equivalent of a big screen TV, which Rusty mostly uses for playing videogames. You can also see one of Rusty's Big Guy posters and a few of his toys and books. The shelf is apparently where Rusty powers down for the night, though we've never seen this. Here's another view, looking back toward the main lab, where the stairs lead. His room was probably originally meant to be Dr. Slate's office, and obviously still houses some important instrumentation and gauges. I have no idea where the ladder rungs lead.

Dr. Donovan's Office

Donovan's office is beautiful and impressive. Here's a closer look at his desk area.

The Tower also includes Dr. Gilder's office (Rm. 17430), Dr. Griffin's office (Rm. 18680), at least one janitor's closet (room 1247) the target range, the vending area, the meeting room, archival storage ('the archives'), a robot storage area near the ground floor, the executive lounge (on the ground floor), Dr. Donovan's office (at the top of the building, behind the big windows), the cafeteria, the rooftop helipad/launchpad/ landing area, and many other areas of interest.

Quark Industries also owns many other properties, primarily storage areas, labs, and testing grounds (including a super-accelerator and a launch/return site), as well as at least one space station.

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