Truth or Dare II

Part A

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

I keep forgetting for some reason...uh...please don't throw things at me...I come bearing a really silly off the wall pointless fic as an apology....

This is the continuation of a fic I wrote on the SH22 message board. So if you're confused (which you probably will be, considering I am as well), uh, you can go there and read it. It's called "Truth or Dare."

Mary was an ordinary girl who had just had an extraordinary experience. Fourteen characters from various books and cartoon shows had suddenly appeared in her room, where she and thirteen of them had played a rousing game of Truth or Dare. However, the last dare was given to her, and since she couldn't perform it, she had to declare her undying love for the fourteenth character (Severus Snape, ewwww!!!). Right after she did that, she woke up and thought it was all a dream. However, the table they had all been sitting at (except for Snape who was in the corner grading Gryffindor fifth year Potions work) was still there!

Oh man! she thought, Oh well, if it wasn't a dream, at least I don't have to face those guys anymore.

As she thought this, she and the table (with chairs, of course) disappeared. Oh, the bed did, too, for some reason. (Hey, it's my story.) Okay, okay, never mind. The bed stayed.


Dr. Erika Slate sighed as she watched Rusty playing his new video game. It was the eighteenth time he had played it from the beginning this month. There had been absolutely no emergencies for the last eight weeks, and while that should be a good thing, she felt that she was going to slowly lose her sanity if something didn't happen. Even if it was just a power outage. (At least, that would keep her from hearing "Place your weapons on the ground before I blow your hide sky-high, Vantron!" one more time). She really should listen to that old adage "Be careful what you wish for."

Almost at once, the power went out (with a disgruntled yelp from Rusty), and fourteen strange characters landed in a heap on the floor of the lab. The lights flickered for a minute as the backup generator kicked on, then came back full force.

One of the figures stood up. He had greasy hair and a sallow complexion. His left eye was twitching, and he was glaring at three of the other figures, children, from what Slate could tell.

"Not only do you perform a dangerous, and therefore illegal for students to use, spell, but you also get it wrong! That will be another two hundred points from Gryffindor!"

"Hey, what's all the yelling about?" Rusty asked, coming in.

The other figures had sorted themselves out and were now standing up, dusting themselves off. One of them, a man who wore a deerstalker hat and Inverness coat, was counting everyone.

" would appear that we are missing somebody."

"Who?" one of the three children the greasy man had been glaring at asked. It was a boy with bright red hair. The other two were a girl, with bushy brown hair, and a boy with messy black hair and glasses.

Another was looking around. "Where's Mary?"

A man wearing Victorian finery sneered, "Who cares?"

Rusty walked over to them, with a concerned expression. "Hey, maybe I can help! That is my job you know, and I'm pretty darn good at it."

While he was speaking, another figure fell from out of nowhere and landed on the floor with a sickening thud. "Owww...whose idea was this anyway?" It was a girl, older than the other two, but younger than the woman standing next to the man in the Inverness.

Slate shook her head and walked over to them. "Hello, I'm Dr. Erika Slate. Who are you and how did you get here?"

The girl who had just arrived groaned and muttered something about obsessions and then stuck out her hand. "Hi my name is Mary and uh..that's Sherlock Holmes, Beth Lestrade, the nasty greasy slimy git is Severus Snape, oh, and I do not love him no matter what anybody says. And uh, that's Deidre and Wiggins and Tennyson -- he can't talk or walk, or hear without his hearing aids -- and, uh... that boy with the glasses is, uh...oh, yeah, Harry Potter, the redhead is Ron Weasley, the robot is Watson, the other really nasty guy is Moriarty -- he's in love with Lestrade but won't admit it -- so is Holmes by the way, but Lestrade loves him back. I leaving anybody out? Oh yeah, this is Frodo. He's a hobbit. And I hate him, because he gave me a really bad dare and I had to say that I was in love with Snape."

Slate blinked and wondered how Mary had managed to say all that without taking a breath. "Okay, so how did you get here?"

Snape sneered. "That does not concern you, Muggle."

"Hey! How dare you call Dr. Slate a Muggle! She is not a Muggle!" Rusty exclaimed. Then -- "Uh..what's a Muggle?"

Mary chuckled. "Aww. Now, where were we? Oh yeah, my turn." To Slate she said, "We're playing Truth or Dare. Wanna join?"

Well, should I continue or no? Too weird for anybody? I know it doesn't make sense, but I can promise won't in the end either....

Okay it is the end. I couldn't go all the way to Z. Oh, well.

Okay, does anybody want to go in with me and write a Christmas fic? Email me at if you're interested.

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