Wonders of the Web

by Coolruler1 (StarbrowMacepaw at cs.com)

Sirens blare, red lights flash. Dwayne, pilot of the Big Guy, jumps into action. "What's the situation?" he asks over a communication screen.

Dr. Erika Slate replies, "There's a strange robotic dinosaur roaming the streets of Neutronic City."

"Huh, where'd it come from?"

"At this point, your guess is as good as mine."

"Hey, Big Guy! What's going on?" Rusty the Boy Robot flies up next to Big Guy.

"Dinosaur out after curfew. Hang a left, son," the booming voice of Big Guy replies, as he spots the Tyrannosaurus wreaking havoc on a fireworks shop.

"Hey buddy, I'll give you some fireworks!" Two missiles blast from the Big Guy's wrists. The dinosaur moves forward to rip apart a laundromat; the missiles go sailing past him. Before Big Guy has any time to be baffled, he spots three smaller dinosaurs running down the street.

"I'll get 'em, Big Guy! Hypersonic!" Rusty yells, and zooms off in their direction.

Big Guy turns back to the big dino. "Since you already know not to play with fire, we'll move on to lesson two: don't smoke!" The Big Guy reaches for a BGY trigger device, but suddenly freezes and falls flat onto the cement.

"What the!?" Dwayne shouts. Inside the cockpit of Big Guy, everything goes dark. "Doc! Can you hear me! Garth! Jo! Mack!" Dwayne shouts as he tries frantically to get the communication screens to work. He grabs the controls, straining to get The Big Guy to move.

Garth pops up on a display screen. "Dwayne, buddy, what's going on?!" Crackle, flash! Garth disappears.

"Garth! Hey! Garth, come back!"

Meanwhile, many blocks away...

"Dang computer! Always freezes up right when you're downloading somethin'! Now I have to reboot and download for another 30 minutes! Stupid piece of....huh?" A 14-year-old girl is surfing the net, only to discover that the web page has disappeared. In its place there is a screen with some guy yelling the name Dwayne. The screen goes black and then shows a sort of cockpit with an outside visual of Neutronic City. "Wow! Is this the game? Guess it downloaded after all! These graphics are awesome! I heard this game was good, but...this is top of the line!" A dinosaur pops into view on the visual. "All right! Let's go kick some butt! Dang, wish there was like a digital manual or somethin'; what are all these buttons?" The girl (named Rachel) hurriedly plugs in her joystick and starts trying combos. Click -- two missiles shoot out of robotic arms and go flying into a building. "Oops. Oh, well, now I know what that does!"

Boom! "Hey! What's going on?!" Dwayne punches the outside visual screen; nothing happens. "Screen's broken -- what the?!" Dwayne can feel the Big Guy moving. "But...I didn't touch anything."

"All right! Now that I'm on my feet, dinosaur, you're goin' down!" Rachel fires the missiles again; this time they sail right into the dinosaur's hind leg. It turns. Swinging its tail, it sends Big Guy crashing to the ground.

"Ow!" Dwayne yells. "What is going on here? It's like somebody else is controlling the Big Guy."

"Okay, buddy, you wanna play rough?" Rachel shoves the joystick forward, sending the Big Guy charging at the dinosaur. She twiddles 2 small levers on either side of her joystick. Wham, the dinosaur flies over Big Guy's head, slamming into the pavement. "Wonder what else this game can do?" She taps a keyboard key. One of Big Guy's arms falls off; boom, it explodes.

"Aah!" Dwayne gets hit hard by the explosion. "Hull breach! Well, now I have a view of the outside world, not that I want it."

"Ooookkaaay, might wanna look out for that," Rachel muses. "Let's see, hmmm, try this!" Several guns deploy from the Big Guy's arms. "Wicked!" Click, they all fire simultaneously. Unfortunately, this only irritates the dinosaur, who charges at the Big Guy. "Move! Move! Dang!"

"Move, darn it!" Dwayne yells. Wham! "Aaaahhhh!" Smash! The Big Guy goes flying into a building. "Oh! I'm gonna feel that in the morning."

"Huh, what's this?" Rachel notices the BGY trigger device in Big Guy's hand; having figured out how to move the arms, she throws it. "Oooohhh, a trigger device, like on Galaxies Beyond. All right, Ugly, just a little closer...."

Boom! The dino goes up in smoke. "And now we move in for the kill...hey!" The computer screen flashes and the website she had been viewing is displayed. A box pops up; it reads 'download aborted'.

All visuals turn back on, Dwayne has full control over the Big Guy once more. He watches as a jet pack extends out of the "dinosaur's" back. "It's a robot! Huh."

"Dwayne! There you are! What happened?" Jo flashes onto a communication screen.

"I'm not sure. Listen, I'm heading in, I want a full systems check. Anybody seen Rusty?"

The robot dinosaur flies down towards his smaller robot brothers. They have surrounded Rusty.

The dino grabs Rusty with its tail. "Hey! Lemme go! When Big Guy finds you he'll-"

The dino swiftly removes Rusty's power pack and crunches it between its teeth. A voice sounds over a communications device. "Good work. Now take the Boy Robot back to base, With him in our clutches, the Big Guy will soon follow and our plan will follow through."


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