Maureen's Shameless Egoboo Page O' Glory

I thought up the title of Fana Sculder's "Who Rescues the Rescuers?" (XF/6 Days 7 Nights crossover)

I 'appeared' (was Leibowitzed) in:
"Girls' Night Out" by Sandra Martinez (JAG story starring regular posters on Maeve's JAGnik Message Board)
Fiona MacDonald (aka Arriall's) story (as Dr. O'Brien)
"Crystal Ship" by L. Ophelia Waterhouse (aka Kristina Corey Quintana) (as Dr. O'Brien)

I inspired these stories with my flickfic story challenges:
"Fate of the World" by Anne Haynes
Loners by Anne Haynes

My JAG story "Office Pool" was nominated for the comedy category of the 1998 Golden Wings Fanfiction Awards by Sandy Martinez.

That's all my fanfic glory for now.

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