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Maureen's Fanfic

That's right, kids. Maureen is now unleashing her fanfic on the unsuspecting world. Scroll on down, and may God help us all.

If you're looking for fanfic in lyric form, go over to my Filkbook.

Also check out my list of links to X-Files fanfic on the Web: I Was A Living X-File. It targets stories in which our main characters (Mulder, Scully, Skinner, etc.) are themselves paranormal. Because when the going gets weird, the tough get weirder.

As a public service (yeah, right), I'll be putting up all the fanfic I have on disk, in its current state. It's all rated G or PG. Fragments are marked FR (and there's a lot of them).

If you like one of these (or you'd like to help finish one, which would be a blessing and a gift), let me know!

My Airwolf,JAG, andX-Files fanfic have their own pages. I also have a very small Lensmen Fanfic PageEverything else is below.

Rurouni Kenshin:

NEW! The Sword in the Umbrella Stand: A tale of the reverse-blade's fate.


Trick or Treat: Trevor is not having a very good day-after-Halloween.

Early Edition

Enough: What I think should have happened during and after one of the last Early Edition episodes.

King of the Hill

King of Horde Hill: What if the Hills and their friends were all members of a medieval recreation group? What if they went to the Pennsic War every summer? My Cincinnati friends and I asked that question. Then we went to work. Be afraid.

Pirates of the Caribbean

A Study in Maroon: There's something a bit fishy about what happened to Captain Jack Sparrow, and the attitude of his ex-crew. Here's a vignette to explain it.


Castles Character introspection. (8K)

Other Probe stories may be found at:Vesper's and A Tribute to Probe.

Crossovers, Crossovers, Crossovers!

Babylon 5/Sailor Moon

Sailor BabylonSailor Babylon and friends!Also here and on the anime ftp site.
JMS prays it's only a dream. But even that may not help.... Yes, I was the first to have this twisted crossover idea! Established 1995, kids, and not dead yet. Bwah-ha-ha-hah!

Babylon 5/X-Files

The Shoes on Your Feet: In the wake of Marcus Cole's death, Ivanova finds courage in heroes of the past. (2K) Added 1/14/98.

Dungeons & Dragons: the animated series/X-Files

FR--Players Hey, those kids have to get home somehow....(147K) Added 11/13/97. Finished 6/10/99.
Eric Award-nominated.


Three Trenchcoats Three FBI agents at the front entrance to the J. Edgar Hoover Building. (3K) Added 6/12/98.

Vampire Miyu/X-Files

Lovely Evening. Mrs. Mulder wants to know why her young son hasn't come in for dinner. (4K)


Highlander: The Animated Series

FR: The Last McLeod Grrl power. (10K) Added 8/24/98.


FR-- Helicopters in Black. Agents Mulder and Scully investigate unmarked helicopter sightings. (6K)

Bureau 13/Scooby Doo/X-Files

FR-- Youngstown. What if Mulder and Scully got their hands on some really good equipment? (11K) Updated 10/1/97.

Damar/Indiana Jones

FR -- Indiana Jones and the Hero's Crown: Says it all, don't it? (15K) Updated 12/13/97.

Doctor Who/Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders

FR --Merlin: Sarah Jane Smith meets some interesting people, doesn't she? (22K) Added 2/13/98.

Due South/Profiler/X-Files

part 1 (56 K) and
FR-- part 2 (27 K). Updated 11/16/97.

JAG/Spy Game/X-Files

FR --Neighbors. Max London meets her new neighbors, who have jobs almost as challenging as hers. (9K) Added 10/18/97.

The Prisoner of Zenda/X-Files/JAG

FR --Zenda: Bill Scully is about to get the biggest surprise of his life. (22K) Added 2/13/98.

Remo Williams/X-Files

Dragon and Phoenix. Seems Mulder got himself in trouble again. Seems the Consortium isn't the only secret government organization. Seems Chiun is unimpressed. (17K)

Scarecrow & Mrs. King/X-Files

FR -- Domestic Affairs. Skinner asks some old friends to help his agents out. (12K)

Sherlock Holmes/X-Files

Beekeeper. Mulder decides to get some answers from an old teacher. (11K) Added 10/27/97.
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