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When I started writing JAGfic, it came in a joyous flood -- and very few folks were watching. Now it is popular, yet I've mostly left the fanfic to others. I'm not sure if I'll ever complete the unfinished stuff, but who knows? All I know is, I still love JAG. It's a great show.

Stories from Season Three

Designated Driver. Mac drives Harm home after the events of the episode "Chains of Command". (9K) Added 3/4/98.

The Red and the Green Two holidays that fall on the same day; two people who need something to celebrate. Takes place between "Tiger, Tiger" and "Death Watch". (13K) Part of the Nouruz series. Added 4/9/98.

Watch the Morning What do you do when your whole world is shaken, and how do you avoid getting arrested when your enemies keep ending up sleeping with the fishes? "Death Watch" story. Part of the Nouruz series.(24K) Added 4/30/98. Finished 5/1/98.

What's Wrong?: Not the best Harriet POV in the world, but it amused me.... After "Death Watch". (8K) Added 4/9/98.

Ghosts Come Calling takes place after "Death Watch". Another Nouruz series story. (22K) Added 5/27/98. Finished 10/22/98.

Tristan und Isolde Who says opera isn't relevant? Not Mac. Takes place after "Death Watch" but before "Wedding Bell Blues". (11K) Added 4/30/98.

Alternate Universe

Deevs Harm and Mac meet the Arabian Nights. (39K) Added 4/30/98. Updated 6/22/98. (Formerly titled "Eyes".)

Continued in the unfinished story Night Vision.

Stories from Season 4

Taiga A tiny vignette after "To Russia With Love"/"Gypsy Eyes".

Tuesday Night in Purgatory Spoilers for "The Martin Baker Fan Club". Diane Schonke gives Roscoe a piece of her mind. (5K) Added 10/20/98.

Budmas Bud's ready for Christmas. (8K) Added a month late 'cause I'm lazy.

I Never Sleep Anymore A night in the life of Sarah Mackenzie. Written 8/25/99, but not added till 8/18/00 'cause I'm really lazy.

A Letter from Harm A few of the whys. Written before we learned that Harm didn't write Mac at all. Last tinkered with 10/4/99. Added 8/18/00.

Stories from Season 5

If I'd Known You Were Coming.... Written 10/4/99. Added 8/18/00.

Just Plain Silly:

Office Pool Gambling in the workplace. Tsk, tsk. What will Admiral Chegwidden do when he finds out? (8K) Added 3/12/98, before all this AJ/Mac thing really got going.

Very Far Away from Any JAG Else If Chegs and Mac got together, what would we Harm/Mac shippers write? My preliminary strike on a fanfic plot. Heh heh heh. (9K) Added 3/19/98.

How do I think of this stuff?


Been There, Done That Needs more historical data. And a better take on the voice. And a good handle on the war story. Other than that....

Bud thoughts that should have taken place after "Designated Driver". Foolish Budman. This may be finished yet.

The Client. Crossover with The Real Ghostbusters/Extreme Ghostbusters. (2K) Added 5/31/99.

Devil Puppy: The Whelping was a challenge from Kathleen Klatte. I'm working on it.

Dreams takes place in between second and third seasons. I'm working on it, and will hopefully finish it before, during, or shortly after this year's Pennsic. Whichever year this year happens to be. (34K) Added 10/27/97?

Family Bellisario made Bad Things happen to Harm's dad, but I will get him back home, honest. Eventually. Takes place in an alternate universe, pretty obviously. (56K) Added 10/27/97. Updated 5/27/98.

Hills takes place during "The Return of Jimmy Blackhorse. Really tiny as yet.

JAG conversation fragment

I Was a Shipper Deejay, or Things to Do in DC When You're Wed. After "Wedding Bell Blues".

Night Vision A sequel to "Deevs", in which all heck breaks loose in the world. (127K) Updated 5/31/99.

Nouruz I takes place during "The Stalker". (21K) Added 4/30/98.

Nouruz II takes place after "The Stalker" and crosses over with The X-Files. (24K) Added 4/30/98.

Untitled Tales of the Gold Monkey crossover. Very fragmentary, as yet.

Untitled Meg fanfic. I'm still working on the logistics here, but it will involve an anime otaku in the Marines who is accused of a serious crime. I want to examine some more issues about fandom and anime, and I think Meg would be good for this one.


JAG/Spy Game/X-Files

FR -- Neighbors. Max London meets her new neighbors, who have jobs almost as challenging as hers. (9K) Added 10/18/97.

The Prisoner of Zenda/X-Files/JAG

FR --Zenda: Bill Scully is about to get the biggest surprise of his life. (22K) Added 2/13/98.

JAG also makes me write songs and episode reviews.


The big JAG fanfic archive is Ex Libris.

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