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E.E. "Doc" Smith wrote the tales of the Skylark of Space, and inspired science fiction to be fun as well as educational. He created the universe of the Lensmen, with its multi-species democratic government and military, long before Star Trek was even dreamed of. He created its incredible million-year-old war between Arisia and Eddore, and helped inspire Babylon 5. His writing inspired many of the great sf writers to become writers, and the scope of his ideas may still be unmatched.

But Doc will never write any more new stories, and even his unfinished stories have been exhausted by other writers. So it's past time that someone provided a place on the net for fanfic based on his universes, and it looks like that someone's going to be me.

Lee Gold

"Doomed Lensmen": So you thought that once the Children took over, it was all smooth sailing? Hah! As worlds collide, Civilization is endangered as never before! Yes, by special permission of Lee Gold, a tale which originally appeared back in 1967 in the fanzine The Third Foundation. It's starkly horrifying!
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4,
Part 5, Part 6,
Part 7, Part 8.

Maureen S. O'Brien

"X-Lensman": What Mulder and Scully really need is spacecraft in hot pursuit, the Galactic Patrol, and the power of the Lens! (118K) Finished 10/2/01.

The Lensmen belong to Doc Smith and his heirs. No infringement is intended. 


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