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As a public service (yeah, right), I'll be putting up all the fanfic I have on disk, in its current state. It's all rated G or PG. 
If you like one of these (or you'd like to help finish one, which would be a blessing and a gift), let me know! 
Also check out my list of links to X-Files fanfic on the Web: I Was A Living X-File. It targets stories in which our main characters (Mulder, Scully, Skinner, etc.) are themselves paranormal. Because when the going gets weird, the tough get weirder. 
Mulder & Scully in Galactic Patrol uniformsX-Lensman, a fairly bizarre Lensman crossover. (117K) Added 9/98. Finished 10/2/01.
Accept Surrender: Sometimes urban legends come true. Finished 11/28/99. 
Mulder reaches up Spin: my spin on what the sequel to "Biogenesis" should be. Added 8/19/99. Cover art by Teresa Filardo. See her illustration site at Mind's Eye

Selkie series


  • Dance Once upon a time, thousands of years ago. (1K) Added 8/24/98. 
  • Darius Special Agent-in-Charge Darius Michaud considers his work. (6K) Added 6/28/98. 
  • Charting Her Course Scully considers recent events. (7K) Added 6/22/98. 
  • A Lady from a Far Country Scully talks about selkies. (21K) Added 8/24/98. 
  • She Thought, He Thought Thoughts intertwine, parallel as's short. Just read it! 

The Blackthorn Tree series: in which a little Irish legend explains a lot about these folks.

  • I: Believe Me. During the Civil War, Sullivan Biddle meets the love of his life -- and it's not who you think. Now with links to the MIDI soundtrack! (27K) Updated 11/12/97.
  • II: Around the Dear Ruin After the events of "Gethsemane", Agent Scully receives some rather unusual condolence calls. (59K) Added summer 1997. Updated 2/14/98. 
  • III: Each Wish of My Heart "We are not who we are" -- and now the X-Files folks begin to find out what's really going on. (35K) Added 11/21/97. Updated 3/8/98. 
  • IV: Like Fairy Gifts Fading Away -- Mulder and Scully hit the Hill -- and I don't mean the Capitol one -- Krycek enters the story, we find out who Skinner's Sharon really is, and somebody actually tells our heroes the truth for once. Coming Soon to a webpage and newsgroup near you. 
Big Steve's First Draft: my take on the making of "Chinga". (2K) Added 2/13/98.
Genii. Mulder thinks Scully's life was normal before she met him. Wrong. (22K) Quantum Leap crossover, peripherally. Added 6/8/98. Updated 11/10/98.
Glam Dicend A story about the power of free speech. CiCi Lean named this story as one of her Fanfic Picks for the 2nd week of September, 1998. Callooh, callay! Added 9/13/98. 
Hentai A protest, sorta kinda. Added 8/24/98. 
Hope Eyrie Langley considers the space program while listening to a classic filk. (9K) Added 10/13/97.
A Hundred Million Years Scully's thoughts after "Small Potatoes". (9K) Added 10/1/97.
Welcome to the RealmPlayers 

Hey, those kids have to get home somehow....(147K) Animated Dungeons & Dragons crossover. Added 11/13/97. Finished 6/10/99. 
Post-Graduate Work My answer to Leigh Alexander's "Scully as a nun" challenge. (4K) Added 11/3/98.
Self-Control A vignette trying to answer Lee Burwasser's request for stories where Scully's control was the answer and not the problem. Added 9/1/98.
Shakespeare's X-Files Episode: An excerpt.
The Ship Out of Time: That 1939 Scully? Her personalzine. Added 1/8/99. Finished 8/30/99. 
Vacation 1974: a little girl, a big tornado, and a kid named Fox Mulder listening to her tale. (5K) Added 4/9/98.


Babylon 5/X-Files 
Shoes: In the wake of Marcus Cole's death, Ivanova finds courage in heroes of the past. (2K) Added 1/14/98. 
Welcome to the RealmPlayers 

Hey, those kids have to get home somehow....(147K) Animated Dungeons & Dragons crossover. Added 11/13/97. Finished 6/10/99. 

 Three Trenchcoats Three FBI agents at the front entrance to the J. Edgar Hoover Building. (3K) Added 6/12/98. 

Remo Williams/X-Files

 Dragon and Phoenix. Seems Mulder got himself in trouble again. Seems the Consortium isn't the only secret government organization. Seems Chiun is unimpressed. (17K) 

Sherlock Holmes/X-Files

 Beekeeper. Mulder decides to get some answers from an old teacher. (11K) Added 10/27/97. 

Vampire Miyu/X-Files

 Lovely Evening. Mrs. Mulder wants to know why her young son hasn't come in for dinner. (4K) 

Birthday A little Selkie series vignette.
Cause A scene from the future of Mulder and Scully's world.
Dogs A scene between Scully and Willis that hasn't grown into a vignette yet.
Domestic Affairs. Skinner asks some old friends to help his agents out. Scarecrow & Mrs. King crossover.(12K)
Godson A scene between Tara and Mulder, during "Emily".
Hazels A scene after "Schizogeny".
Helicopters in Black. Agents Mulder and Scully investigate unmarked helicopter sightings. Airwolf crossover. (6K)
Hopeful Farm A legendary racehorse goes missing, and two FBI agents go on the case. Black Stallion series crossover. (8K) Added 9/1/98.
Marty A scene after "Mind's Eye".
Neighbors. Max London meets her new neighbors, who have jobs almost as challenging as hers. (9K) Added 10/18/97. Spy Game crossover. 
Peregrines: part 1 (56 K) and part 2 (27 K). Updated 11/16/97. Due South/Profiler crossover. 
Trixie Belden, a fairly pointless vignette. 
Youngstown. What if Mulder and Scully got their hands on some really good equipment? (11K) Bureau 13 crossover. Updated 10/1/97.
Zenda: Bill Scully is about to get the biggest surprise of his life. (45K) Prisoner of Zenda crossover. Added 2/13/98. Updated 5/31/99.

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