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Lonely Filker (A Capella Blues)

Lyrics & Music: Maureen S. O'Brien
Insp: Obvious to anyone who has no guitar.... :)

I'm a young and nervous filker,
And I am all alone.
Don't have no instrument to hold;
I'm out here on my own.
I've got some great accomp'niment
A-playin' in my head;
I wish that it was out here where y'all could hear, instead.

I'm a lonely filker
I've only got a mental band.
So I'm singin' a capella, and doin' the best that I can.

I wish I had a guitar.
Upon it I would strum,
And to this section of the room
I'd see attention come.
I'd learn some riffs and patterns,
I'd learn some fancy chords
And then I might just have the stuff to win some filk awards.


'Cause I get fumblefingers
When it comes to pickin' strings,
Whereas an unaccomp'nied voice
Can make the rafters ring.
It's easy to be lazy
About learnin' how to play
When that instrument inside me's always ready ev'ry day.


So have pity, all you filkers,
And listen to my plea
For all the neos singing
All alone and out of key.
'Cause all of you guitarists know
Your curse is comin' soon:
Yeah, we all will wait ten minutes while you get your strings in tune

Some lonely filker
Who's only got a mental band
Will start singin' a capella
While you're tunin' as fast as you can.

Yeah, some lonely filker
Who's only got a mental band
Will start singin' a capella,
Get the audience right in her hand.

"I wish."

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