A fan.

Drinking Strange Wine

Lyrics:Maureen S. O'Brien
Music:"Bottle of Wine", Tom Paxton
Basis:Harlan Ellison's essay "Strange Wine"

Harlan Ellison said there's a drink we've all read
The fermented dreams of the mind
We fans dunk ourselves till we're drunker than elves
We can't get enough of strange wine.

Drinkin' strange wine, fruit of the mind
Don't you ever let yourself sober
Spend every day drinkin' away
Ev'ry sip starts the world over.

Three empires fight on paper tonight
And all of their stars are all mine
At the wave of my hand, they obey my command
And all because I'm drinkin' strange wine.


I know LSD could never thrill me
As much as one early Heinlein
No whisky or beer makes you soar for light years
But it's an easy thing for strange wine.


Old vintners have gone, but their craft was passed on
And oh, the new bottles taste fine
While each Golden page keeps improvin' with age
'Cause ev'ry year's been good for strange wine.


I confess that it's true I am hooked on this brew
With power to warp space and time
And till the worlds end, I suppose that the fen
Will still be gettin' drunk on strange wine.


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