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Updated December 9, 2001

Abusing My Religion A protest song.

Ah, Tom McC! Tom McCown, aka McSatan, was an interesting long-time denizen of the Chaos X-Files list. I think he finally gave up on Chris Carter. 1999 A newsgroup's song of defiance.

Are You Going Out on the Long Run? A song for the Continuing Time list, dedicated to the works of Daniel Keys Moran.

Asimov An elegy.

Brunner's Goodnight Elegy for writer/filker John Brunner.

Cara Mia Julia Writer/filker Julia Ecklar -- I wish she did more filking!

Cacoparodomachia My contribution to the filk cycle that pretty much ended filk cycles in Midwest filk. It was gross, but it was funny....

Con Suite in the Morning Of course, if you've never attended a con with an all-night con suite, this won't mean much.

Convention Farewell Not as good as "Dead Dog Time", but hey.

The Cyber-Institute of JAGology Fight Song

Dandelions I wrote this back when the filk dandelion campaign was very big.

Dawson Rambo A well-known X-Files fanfic writer.

Dead Dog Time Sitting in the con suite, 'cause we really don't want to go home.

Dragonfly Song One of the frustrating bits of being a filker.

Dreadful Sorry In memory of Gordon R. Dickson.

Evil Empress of the X Another snapshot of atxc newsgroup life.

A Ferret in Asgard (For Loki) Their lives are so short; their love is so great. Written for Kathy Gallagher.

Filk FAQ Everything you need to know about filk in one easy lesson.

Filkin' po-Ruskii Because "Musika Rolevii po-Ruskii" just doesn't scan.

For the JAG Crew A praise song with 'hate' in the first line.

The Gafiated Fan Well, there isn't.

Go to a Con Well, you should.

The Golden Age I still love this one.

A Harm Slobber Song For JAG fandom.

Haunted Fish Carmen Miranda's ghost is haunting poor Leslie Fish.

Help re:Umbra Dawson asked atxc if he should make a summary page for his sequel's prequel.

Here Comes PunkM Another famous atxc denizen.

A Hint of Connection (The Shipper Song) Specifically for JAG, but applies to many media fan romantics.

Hymn to Harlan Ellison From B5 fandom. I really do sympathize; I can't finish a darn thing myself.

I Didn't Miss You Yeah, right.

I Filked It Well, it happens.

JAG Fanfic Disclaimer Songs

Just Ask A song for new filkers.

Lonely Filker (A Capella Blues) One of my earliest 'hits'.

The Lonesome It was one of those nights.

Music of the Night Another filk filk.

My Birds Yeah, it can be frustrating.

Night Meetings The courtly love metaphor doesn't work for everything. Though I try.

No More Sad Songs Yeah, right.

Ode to FKO 2000 I'm not bitter.

Ode to Paula Vitaris Another esteemed member of the Chaos X-Files list.

The Ordover Files Fanfic doesn't need to justify its existence; atxc doesn't need certain visitors' threads.

People of Fandom I hate feuds.

A Rose for Zelazny Writer/poet Roger Zelazny.

Sleep, My Weary Fen I was tired when I wrote it; that's my excuse. Right.

Steel Another early 'hit'.

Strange Wine See? I love Harlan Ellison. Also reading sf.

Sunset, Sunrise Filking All Night Is A Way Of Life.

Too Important (Not to Make Mistakes) To quote Chesterton, "Anything worth doing is worth doing badly."

Wednesday Night Sometimes it stinks to live so far away.

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