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Abusing My Religion

Lyrics: Maureen S. O'Brien
To the tune of: "Losing My Religion", REM
Idea by Ken Hughes

Hey, you in the circle
Yes, you in the spot - light
Abusing my religion
With all your clever words
I don't think you ought to do it
How can you hate so much?
You just can't get enough.

So many songs
So _many_ songs, all a -
-busing my religion
You say you're persecuted
But oh how you love to do it. Well, I --
Oh no I've said too much
Or was it not enough?

I hurt when I hear you sneering
I'd much rather hear you sing
I hurt and then you wonder why
I start to cry.

Consider this -
Consider this, when you're
Abusing my religion
Songs should sew hearts together
But you're slashin' at my soul until I
Need to fight back or fly
But feel too sick to try.

I thought you believed in goodness
I thought you _believed_ in love.
I guess I just expect too much
Too much.

(That was just a dream - say it's just a nightmare dream)

You in the circle
And you in the spot - light
Abusing my religion
Darkening the tone with malice
Makin' life just a bit less kinder - well I,
I've said more than enough
(It's) time to call your bluff

I don't want to hear you jeering
I just want to hear you sing.
I guess you'd rather hear me cry
I don't know why.

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