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John Brunner's Goodnight

Lyrics & Music: Maureen S. O'Brien, 9/27/95
A fictionalized/legendized version of the death of John Brunner; he did not in fact die at Worldcon, but at a hospital. However, I didn't know that when I wrote the song. And he did go to Worldcon and walk around the halls before he was stricken.

Down the hallways
Can't take a step without seeing somebody I know.
People waving --
They stop for an hug, then they're off -- but they'll be here, I know.
This is Worldcon.
We have all the time in the world.
Maybe later --
When I'm not so tired, tonight.

Oh, it's time; it's time.
I took all the life time would let me.
Now it's time; it's time.
And I know that they won't forget me.
Off to the dark -- I am dying,
But I'm not alone at the end.
I'm here with my fam'ly,
I'm seen off surrounded by friends.

Had a strange dream --
I dreamed that a trav'ler in black waved me on, to his side.
There was music --
From worlds far away as the past and as close as my heart.
This is it, then --
The greatest adventure, and I have to characterize
My own self, now --
I won't be shutting my eyes.


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