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Convention Farewell

Lyrics: Maureen O'Brien, Aug. 1993 & 2/24/98
To the tune of: "Ashokan Farewell" by Jay Ungar.
(The themesong of Ken Burns' The Civil War on PBS.)

So our final day has dawned
All too soon it's time for going
All sad but all knowing our time has passed by.
For the days I've spent with you
Could have rolled along forever
And now it will never be these days again.

So farewell to dear friends,
Farewell to each hour
In showers of joy and tears.
Oh, there were years in each day --
(I) could stay here forever
But now it will never be these days again.

For our world's a jealous lord.
We must do as we are bidden
The time we had hidden was found and is gone.
Though our songs no longer soar,
All the echoes still will linger.
Long after the singer, your song will go on.


As the sunlight slowly grows
And you disappear in distance,
Existence fades dimly and I feel alone
You take love along with you
Leave my heart a little hollow
For I cannot follow you back to your home.


So we've played our final tune
Laid our instruments in cases
The place is deserted and we're last to leave.
Music grieving through my brain --
Till the next time we're together --
Because I could never miss these days again!


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