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FAQ 1.1

Lyrics: Maureen S. O'Brien
To the tune of: "My Unicorn Song", Tom Smith (well, it wasn't originally, but it seems to be now!)

Filk puts new words to some old famous tune,
  A song that'll make you guffaw.
Filk is a song that's entirely new,
  Which brings you to tears or to awe.
Filk is a song about futures untold
  Or magic which never has been.
Filk's about cats, life, computers, late nights,
  Or us filkers out making a din.

Filk is the style of our music; (what style?) :)
  A filk's where that music is played.
To filk is to parody -or- write a song,
  Or perform at a filk once it's made.
And we folks who write it are filkers, my friend,
  And so are the folks who perform,
And so are the people who (thank God) applaud
  And keep _my_ cheeks from turning too warm!

So, what's discussed on alt. or rec.music.filk,
  And the Fidonet Echo called Filk?
Our music and gath'rings, our cultures, our lives,
  Things that touch on the fringe of our ilk.
So lurk, read, and learn here; then jump right on in --
  Come post all -- or part -- of a song.
For we are the filkers; we're here to have fun,
  And we'd sure love to have you along!

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