A fan.

The Golden Age

Lyrics: Maureen S. O'Brien
To the tune of: "The End of the Innocence", Don Henley & Bruce Hornsby

Remember how it was before?
You went down to the candy store
And bought two ounces (maybe more)
Of ecstasy in woodpulp form.
John Campbell was a deity
Who taught you with benev'lency
The wondrous futures yet to be
In tall art deco towers.
Now when you travel to a con
Your old enthusiasm's gone
You listen to the neos' dreams
And wish yours still lived on.

You can drink and talk with fans of fame
But it can never be the same.
None of you was quite to blame,
But this was the end
This was the end, the end of the innocence.

You read _Weird Tales_ of dictators
And then went marching off to war.
No fan or writer could ignore
The changes in the wings.
Now some worked at Los Alamos
Read sf on that ridge of oaks
The FBI weren't there to joke
Checking out an _Astounding_ story.
Now when you travel to a con
Still you can't forget.
None of what you did was wrong, but
Still you feel regret. Oh,


It's never been the same for you
Since learning sci-fi could come true,
Since mushroom clouds a picture drew
Of imagination's power.
Who knows how long sf will last?
Your genre's come so far so fast
Its innocence lost in the past
With those art deco towers.


Yes, this is the end -- of -- the innocence.

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