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I Didn't Miss You

Lyrics: Maureen S. O'Brien (after Nan Knighton)
Music: "I'll Forget You", THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL, Frank Wildhorn

I didn't miss you.
I only had to spend a year away
From it all.
I didn't miss you.
Mundane life always goes by at a crawl.
But I'll tell you --
In all the months I had to live without you,
I fear that even I began to doubt you
All were real.

I didn't miss you.
Not even on those scattered Saturdays
Through the year.
I didn't miss you.
It's just that I kept wishing to be here.
I was stuck at home,
While somewhere there were joyous voices ringing;
And I could almost hear you singing
In my dreams.

But when I finished writing, noone cared to hear my song;
And I heard no bad jokes for far too long.
My friends were far away;
All my summer turned to gray.
The world was out of joint and going wrong.

I didn't miss you.
I didn't think of fandom for a moment --
Just all the time.
I didn't miss you --
And Mons Olympus is an easy climb.
I was lonely.
My life was like some apple going rotten.
But now, it's like a dream I had forgotten...

I could kiss you.
I didn't miss you.
I never lie. :)

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