Go Away, Ose! (No More Sad Songs) Lyrics & Music: Maureen S. O'Brien No more sad songs! No more aching melodies -- Bitter sweeter memories -- No more breaking hearts for me! I'll have laughter Always ringing in my ears -- Joy that conquers all your fears, I'll sing. Even though the laughter Always calls back all the times when all the giggles fell Like arrows aimed at me. Still I'll _make_ you laugh -- I'll be the one that's in control. I'll hold your very soul, and make you laugh until you weep. Go away, Ose! I will not let _you_ in! I've been in love with you too long. You're no good for me! You make my eyes turn red from weeping! Though, when it's over, I will smile In just a little while. No more sad songs! I won't write them any more. People say they're such a bore, and though that makes me cry, I'll sing glad songs -- Hopeful songs of happy days In rainbows never dimmed by grays, I'll sing Happy songs of childhood -- Though the kids I knew Were never innocent, and hurt me every day. Kids are just small people; Some people like to make life Hell. Still everybody lies, 'cause youthful nonsense sells. Go away, ose! Why won't you ever let me write The kind of songs that people want to hear? My humor ends up banal, Offensive, or just damn obscure. My hopeful songs are always sure There's troubles coming to endure. BRIDGE: All I can write is what's inside, And it hurts to pull it out from me. They're never good enough to sing in front of people So how can I write something that's not ose? Not ose. Oh, -- No more sad songs! -- That's a promise I can't make, When I have to stab my heart to get the blood to write in. All my humor Tries to hide the tracks of tears. All my hopes are only fears turned rightside in. But if that is true, Then surely all sad songs are happy, If you turn them around. Take a skeleton -- It always wears the widest grin. Meanwhile, the living smile shows skull beneath the skin. So come _to_ me, ose! Come to me, just as you will, And let me turn my sorrows into finished wings. Fly me through darkness. Fly me through it to the light Where Making made my soul, Where day and night are whole and one.