head> Reavin' Down the Dragon's Teeth Curved border of brown dragons.

Reavin' Down the Dragon's Teeth

Lyrics: Maureen S. O'Brien, 1-2\93
Music: tto "Rolling Down on Old Maui", Amer. Trad.
Insp: The Redwing pirates, Joy Parker's gaming campaign

It's a damn tough life full of toil and strife
We Redwings have on prowl.
Small grub and beer we have out here
With never a night to prowl.
But the Teeth now rise from sea to skies,
And soon we'll get our wish:
To rob and kill and drink some swill
Or become fast food for fish.

Reavin' down the Dragon's Teeth, me boys,
Reavin' down the Dragon's Teeth
We'll kill some dwarves and loot their wharves
Reavin' down the Dragon's Teeth.

Dwarves' mines beneath the mountainous Teeth
Are full of silver and gold.
At Redwings' call, they'll hand over all
Or give up growin' old.
So we pack our hold with the dwarvish gold
And feast on dwarvish greens,
For it's been, I'd say, six weeks and a day
On hardtack, fish, and beans.


So the bread's not stale, and there's dwarvish ale;
We eat and drink our fill.
But there's not much fun when the feasting's done
And there's no ale left to swill.
And the dwarvish girls with their beards in curls
Are pretty -- pretty short.
So no more we'll roam; and we'll swagger home
To the girls of TwinDaggerport.


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