Curved border of brown dragons.

Who Rules the Disk?

Lyrics: Maureen S. O'Brien, 1995?
Music: tto "Spacer's Dilemma", Vic Tyler
Insp: Terry Pratchett's Diskworld novels

Turtle swims through the seas of night,
Stars that beacon his mating flight --
Can't get us off (of) his back tonight!
Who rules the Disk?
Gods on Cori Celesti's height
Dice with destiny, drunk on light --
Never evolved to be too bright.
Who rules the Disk?

Who rules the Disk? Who rules the Disk?
Who rules the Disk? Who rules the Disk?

Kings and princes on mighty thrones,
Laws that rest on their word alone --
All their kingdoms a mile-square zone.
Who rules the Disk?
Wise old monks in their valley deep,
Past and future in volumes keep.
Ask who wrote 'em and they lose sleep!
Who rules the Disk?


Wizards' octarine spells they use,
Do whatever they care to choose --
But hold women or hold their booze.
Who rules the Disk?
Grand old witches use grammarie
Stop invasions before their tea --
Too bad two of 'em can't agree.
Who rules the Disk?


Dark hood Death is as old as old;
Slays all things with his scythe in hold --
Death does (mostly) as he is told.
Who rules the Disk?
All the Diskworld, all Destiny,
Can be rewritten by one will free.
That could be anyone -- even me!
Who rules the Disk?

You rule the Disk, and _you_ rule the Disk,
and ~you~ rule the Disk -- you rule the Disk!

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