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Ashes on the Wind

Lyrics: Maureen S. O'Brien, 1990-11\7\94
To the tune of: "Shibbolet Basadeh", Israeli Trad.

Once an evil wizard came
Threatening the people --
He'd kill until they gave him gold.
All the people feared his might.
All the people trembled.
One woman spoke up, loud and bold.

You are only human;
You are only dust and ashes.
When the wind blows you away, you'll be forgotten --
Ashes on the wind, bitter ashes on the wind.

When the wizard heard her words,
He was greatly angered.
"For your defiance, you will pay.
I'll call up a mighty storm,
Call it up against you.
You'll be the one who's blown away."


Suddenly, the clouds turned black
And the sky turned yellow.
Tornadoes swirled along the ground.
Wizard tried to wield the winds,
But the winds were stronger --
And his remains were never found.

CH 1:

They acclaimed that woman then
As a mighty wizard
For the tornadoes she could raise.
But she smiled and slipped away,
Out into the darkness,
Singing her answer to their praise:

I am only human;
I am only dust and ashes.
When the wind blows me away, I'll be forgotten.
Ashes on the wind, only ashes on the wind.

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