Curved border of brown dragons.

Banshee Blues

Lyrics & Music: Maureen S. O'Brien
Inspired by: "Nightwail", Kara Dalkey in _Life on the Border_

There's darkness on the Hill tonight,
And lights down in the Town.
There are Rats by that Mad River,
Where a hundred deals go down.
And I see the walking corpses,
And it always makes me cry,
And if you can hear me singin',
Then you know you're gonna die.

I see you all a-comin',
And I always see you go.
I'm the banshee, and I'm bound to know.

There are knives and overdoses;
There are stumbles in the mud;
There are fights and fools and fevers --
Folks with use for your fresh blood;
There's the bitter taste of hunger
And the sharp smell of despair --
By the time I sing to you, friend,
It's too late to take care.


"I never said I loved her."
"I've barely turned sixteen."
"It isn't fair, it isn't _fair_!"
I know just what you mean.
A thousand years wouldn't be enough
To live this world up right,
And before the day's half-started,
Well, the world's turned into night.


So put your house in order
And tell your friends goodbye
And get your wrongs forgiven
For now your end is nigh.
It's a shame and it's a crime, friend,
And I still am askin' why.
But you all have heard me singing
So I know you're bound to die....


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