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The Children of Lir

Lyrics:Maureen S. O'Brien
Music:"Se Gillean Mo Ruin", Scots Trad.(as sung by Sileas)
Insp: The story of the children of Lir, of course!

We had planned to dance on the land
And ride the Hunt through the sky
Now shiver we on rocks in the sea
In swansshape cursed to fly

We've seen the whales chased south by the gales
For nearly nine hundred years
We've seen the whales chased south by the gales

'Twas by our father we were cursed,
Believing his honey-tongued queen-- at first
Now we forgive our father Lir
But never she who had us sent here

Who knows if we'll see our cursing end
And warm ourselves at the hearth of a friend
Oh huddle you close, my brothers three,
Or dead from cold we soon will be

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