Curved border of brown dragons.

Dangerous, Rev. 1.1

Lyrics:Maureen S. O'Brien
To the tune of:"Dangerous", as sung by Roxette.
Insp: Mercedes Lackey, Oathbreaker

Plainswoman in black
In blood-feud she rides
While a giant wolf-creature lopes on at her side
Stay out of her way
Stay out of her sight
For she's sworn that an oathbreaker must die tonight
What's her name?
Need you ask?
Who but Tarma would take on the task?

More than a little bit dangerous
(She's) got what it takes to make ends meet
And this kind of trouble is hard to beat
And more than a little bit dangerous

A Mage in buff robes
A White Winds Adept
And tonight no one better suggest she's inept
Stay out of her way
Surrender, don't fight
For she draws on an army's own fury tonight
Kethry rides
In the lead
Wielding magic and her magic sword Need

(CH) Ooh, a *little bit* dangerous

Two oathsisters ride
The Sunhawks behind
Tonight an oathbreaker they've sworn they will find
His subjects betrayed
His sister he slew
She led the Sunhawks, the Sunhawks soon knew
For revenge
They'll work free -
Never blood-feud with mercenaries.


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