Curved border of brown dragons.

The Elven King's Children

Lyrics & Music: Maureen O'Brien

An elven knight came over the hill
And he came wooing unto me.
He said he'd take me under the hill
And there he'd surely marry me.

"My name is Lord Gwilym," he said.
"My father rules the elven hill."
"Then you must be close to my kin,
For the elven king Gwyn fathered me."

"If King Gwyn fathered you," he said,
"Then you must be my father's child.
And I a brother unto you,
And you yourself my sister mild."

"No matter to you, my brother," I said.
"That's no great matter unto you.
The elven king rides every spring
His own dear daughters for to woo."

King Gwyn came riding over the hill,
But Lord Gwilym, he bid him stay.
My brother spilled our father's blood
Before the dawning of the day.

Bow down, bow down, you elven knights,
Bow down to your king's kin and bend.
We'll all throw down our father's hill
To say he made his own bad end.

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