Curved border of brown dragons.


Lyrics & Music: Maureen S. O'Brien
Inspired by Aengus Óg and Branwen in my story "The Wooing of Mairghread"

Lay down your cloak, for you cannot hide from her.
She has seen through it to yous no one's seen.
Lay down your crown now, for she is your equal.
She is Lir's daughter and she is a queen.
She is your treasure and she is your sorrow.
She is your raven and she is your blade.
She is your changer; she is your disturber.
She is your question and she is your life.

Lay down your feathers; there's nothing to fly from.
He'll fly beside you wherever you go.
Lay down your grief now, for he'll teach you laughter,
Son of the river and lord of the flow.
He is your mantle and he is your welcome.
He is your home and your prison's release.
He is your ford here and he is your guerdon.
He is your answer and he is your peace.

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