Curved border of brown dragons.


Lyrics & Music:Maureen S. O'Brien

The full moon scarlet shines tonight
And crimson stains the sands,
But redder than the both of them's
The blood upon my hands.
My kinsfolk ride hard on my track.
My horse shies from my smell.
There's naught for me in Christendie
And so I ride to Hell!

For Hell is dark and deep enough, they say,
To hide a man's most mortal sins away
And I'll need no more face the light of day.

I feel the heat beneath my feet
As I run to the Devil's Gate.
I take my sin and enter in,
For I would not be late.
I see boulders, like potatoes, boil
In the cauldron stew of Hell
And the demons look like mortal men --
Now, am I one as well?


I see someone wade through the flames --
But this is no hellspawn.
He tries to hand men out; they flinch
And curse him to begone!
He says, "I'm no one but a young girl's son,
Yet I pass through Hell with ease;
So you may come with me, my friends,
Or stay here, if you please."

I nearly stay. I nearly pray.
I nearly dive within.
I nearly start up dancing, for
I know I've lost my sin.
There's naught for me in Christendie
But much for me to give.
I gallop on into the dawn
In urgency to live!

No Hell is dark or deep enough, I say,
To hide a man's most mortal sin away,
For God will come to lead him back to day.

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