Curved border of brown dragons.

Himiko's Song

Lyrics: Maureen S. O'Brien
To the tune of: "Song for Amanda", copyright Zander Nyrond
Insp: Vampire Miyu/Vampire Princess Miyu anime, manga and Antarctic translation.

A girl all dressed in red --
And when we met, she laughed at me
And tried to set a spirit free.
She was a vampire child.
Her face was strangely mild;
With one foot bound and one foot bare,
She danced upon the autumn air,
Red ribbons 'round her head.
I drove her out. She saved my life;
Blood on her lips, blood on her knife --
A girl all dressed in red.

And when I turn, they're there --
She and her servant, old and wise.
He wears a cloak and mask disguise
And will not be set free.
He loves her tenderly --
Though she will never grow again,
He still will serve her, lose or win.
She lets him braid her hair.
God-demons, like the ones they fight
And at the end must join in Night --
And when I turn, they're there.

To her, I am the child
Who met her once, so long ago;
What happened next, I do not know
And I cannot recall.
Do years touch her at all?
The answers sleep within my mind.
And when I wake, what will I find
But salt blood, thick and wild?
Surely I'm mortal -- no vampire,
Demon, or god fond of the fire --
To her, I am the child. And so she laughs at me --
That haunting giggle from a girl
Who slips from sight with one swift whirl
But leaves her laugh behind.
It echoes in my mind.
It flutters glee and seems to fly,
And sometimes sounds just like a cry
Of untold misery.
I know, somehow, our souls are bound.
No freedom from that can be found --
And so, she laughs at me.

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