Curved border of brown dragons.

I Am She

Lyrics & Music: Maureen S. O'Brien, 8/15/95
(but the verse part scans to the obvious, among others)
Insp: H. Rider Haggard's She; Ayesha: the Return of She; She and Allan
(crossover with Quatermain novels); & Wisdom's Daughter.

I am She, Wisdom's Daughter.
I am She, Folly's toy.
I drank Love's crystal water,
Swallowed Hate's crimson joy.
I have danced in the Fire.
I will never, never die!
I will live. I will rule.
You will cry.

Seeking all wisdom, I travelled so long ago
Through all the known world, to Thule and India.
Now I am tied by a fate I can't fly
To a world lost in time, that was old when I was young.

I am She, priest and goddess.
I am She, many-named.
Speak of me? Speak in whispers.
Worship me, the untamed.
Man or woman or deity,
No one will own me!
I live on, I alone.
I am She.

Fate, just and cruel, made me fall in love so long ago.
Hate made me jealous; I killed my love in Africa.
Now I am tied by a fate I can't fly
To await his return, when I'm old and he is young.

I am She, down the cent'ries.
I am She, Queen of Kôr.
I am She, strong and lovely
As millennia before.
I am She. All men love me.
I am She. Be afraid!
I am She-who-must-be-

I am She-who-must-be-

I am She.
I am She.
I am She!

Note: "She" was always highly given to propaganda about herself. Kor should have a little ^ above the 'o'. And 'obeyed' can be stretched into o-obeyed, or you can simply end the song on two syllables.

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