Curved border of brown dragons.

Medea's Curse

Lyrics: Maureen S. O'Brien
To the tune of: "Banned from Argo", copyright Leslie Fish
Insp: the Greek legends of the Argonauts, Jason, Medea, and the ship Argo (which was once a constellation).

Rejoice, you sand-blind Argo! It's Medea here again --
You know, the lesser prize your captain Jason came to win?
The gods will place you in the stars. I will not fight their will.
But first of all, I'll place a curse you're fated to fulfill.

And I curse you, Argo, evermore!
Curse you, Argo! you brought me to this shore,
And brought me faithless Jason when on wine-dark seas you roamed --
But, Argo, you would never bring me home.

In Colchis, life was boring and I learned my Art in peace
Until I met with Jason searching for our Golden Fleece.
When Jason smiled, then suddenly I could not be afraid
To betray my land, my pet, my king -- but myself I betrayed.


My old life gone, I risked the new to bear him two brave sons;
But when Greek kings offered daughters, he forgot the deeds I'd done.
With spells of skill and sorcery which dared to challenge Fate,
I killed my sons to kill his bride -- betrayed my life for hate.


Now fast the Furies follow me -- the fate that I would choose.
To me, they are the Kindly Ones. I've no life left to lose.
You always were unlucky for your passengers and crew.
But you'll have less, after this curse- you'll kill your captain, too!


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