Curved border of brown dragons.

The Morrigan

Lyrics & Music:Maureen S. O'Brien
Insp: Irish mythology

My name? It is the Morrigan.
I am the Phantom Queen.
I laugh with glee when battles
Stain red the fields so green.
Sometimes I am a beauty
Desired by every lord;
Sometimes I am the hag who scrubs
Out bloodshirts at the ford.

When mortals came to Eire,
When Cuchulainn was killed,
When Brian fought the Northmen,
Whenever blood was spilled:
Whenever mighty heroes
Fell dying on the field,
I and my sisters watched them,
As on crows' wings we wheeled.

You thought us vanished? You were wrong!
Today brings far more meat
Than any of the Red Branch
Slew in their famous feats.
In Belfast, Bosnia, Kuwait,
Or Detroit -- it's sublime!
I'm glad I am immortal --
So many wars, so little time.

Note: Feel free to change the placenames in the last verse. Sadly, there is often need to update the Morrigan's song.

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