Curved border of brown dragons.

Sidekick's Song

Lyrics & Music: Maureen S. O'Brien, Winter 1990\Marcon '93\5-93

Tell me again that the game's afoot and I'll leave my home and go
To fight the bad guys by your side, just like in Sherwood long ago.
Your bow's been changed to laser guns
And yet, before the hour's done,
We'll win as we have always won;
We'll hold back the Dark again.

What is our task? Should I take a mask? Now will you as Zorro ride?
Saint or Shadow or Green Hornet, I'll still be by your side.
Carriage horse or country train,
Car or cab or aeroplane --
We still will be the villain's bane;
We'll hold back the Dark again.

Your truelove's always brave and fair:
Maid Marion or Marguerite --
And when you two make up the pair,
The ending's always sweet.
But peacetime life will make us smother.
My back is bare without my brother.
So why not get the whole gang together,
And hold back the Dark again?

Then we'll pass once more through the wardrobe door,
And we'll soar to the rainbow's end
Where Heimdall calls that Asgard falls,
And there's friend fighting next to friend.
Now, Mordred's men within the fray
May send us down into the clay,
But we will rise again someday
To hold back the Dark, hold back the Dark --
Until there is no Dark again.

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