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The Lady Silver Wheel

Lyrics: Maureen S. O'Brien, 10\15\94
Music: Maureen S. O'Brien, 1989 (my tune for "Canaler's Love Song")
Insp: Welsh mythology

Oh, the lady Silver Wheel lived by the sea,
And she walked alone and watched the waves flow free.
That ninth wave ran up the beach as she walked down,
And it soaked her to the skin and spoiled her gown.

And the waves still turn toward the Silver Wheel
And the waves are rushing underneath my keel.
Oh, my distant love, come down to me once more
And I swear that I will meet you on the shore.

Then King Math, he asked, "Are you a virgin still?"
And she swore, "I am. There's none my womb would fill."
Over rod she stepped. She groaned and she fell down
And a baby boy slipped out beneath her gown.


So they took the boy to sain him in a stream
And he swam out through their fingers like a dream.
When he reached the sea, they caught up and they gave
Him the name Dylan ap Ton -- Sea, son of Wave.


But the lady Silver Wheel, she went no more
From her lofty castle down the rocky shore.
But they say the ninth wave's waiting still for when
That bright lady, Silver Wheel, comes down again.


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