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South with the Cranes

Lyrics & Music: Maureen S. O'Brien
Insp: My story "The Wooing of Mairghread", _Vanguard Dossier_; and the Old English poem "Neorxnawang".

To watch you dying daily
was more than I could bear
Already you are winter
there is frost upon your hair
In summer till the end of time
we still could live and sing
But you have chosen autumn
for just one chance at spring.

I'll send my heart
south with the cranes South across the middle sea
Leave behind
the frostbite's pain
That came
When you turned cold to me.

You have refused to go with me
and so I'll go alone
To warmer lands and warmer hearts
who welcome in my own
My heart is headed southward, though
my body still remains
And if your skies seem empty
there's none but you to blame.


It's south across the sea until
I feel the desert wind
And then I'll find a place to rest
among the longwinged kin
I'll bake in the Sahara
and if cold still troubles me
Then I will build a fire
that will finally set me free.

No need to shiver through a chill
my heart cannot endure.
I'll build a pyre of cedarwood
and frankincense and myrrh
I'll throw my passion on that pyre
and burn my heart away
And then I'll rise on phoenix wings
to greet the fledgling day.

When winter's done, all other birds
back to their homes will go
The phoenix flies to Eden where
there's never ice or snow
Or any other deadly thing
or sorrow that has been
So there at last
My heart will rest
Where you cannot come in.


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