Curved border of brown dragons.

White Velvet

Lyrics: Maureen O'Brien
To the tune of: "Black Velvet", as sung by Alannah Miles.
Insp: The Heralds of Valdemar series, by Mercedes Lackey
Note: I'm sure there's a better song than this to be made by parodying "Black Velvet". If you've written one, I'd love to hear it!

South Seejay, middle of a heat wave.
Not movin'. Nothin' goin' on.
I saw him, white as any snowbird.
I saw him, knew my heart was gone.
Hood, horse, and hair paler than the frost.
Desert-tossed. Didn't count the cost;
(Just so) I hadn't lost

White velvet, and that little white smile
White velvet, and that cold Northern style.
A blast of blizzard that'll make you burn & freeze --
White velvet, if you please.

I loved him; helped him on his mission;
He loved me; took me to his bed.
He brought me back to Haven with him;
I smiled when I thought what lay ahead.
He's safe at home; now my troubles start.
A three-wheeled cart.
Heralds hold his heart.
I felt us drift apart.

CH: (sung angrily)

BRIDGE (sadly):
All the way that I came -- well, I came here for you.
All I feel is the shame -- (I) don't fit this crew
And you do.

Trudge homeward. Long way south to Seejay.
Trudge home, when ridin' up, we flew.
White horse like icewinds off a mountain.
He stops - his eyes are icy blue.
I met his gaze and then -- heard him, ooh
Could it be true?
Didn't have a clue
That he'd say, "I Choose you."


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