Curved border of brown dragons.

The Prize

Lyrics: Maureen S. O'Brien
Music: "Star of the County Down" (slowly)
Insp: a misinterpretation of something in the Mabinogion. (blush)

Though in the spring I dance and sing,
The warm winds bring me woe
For I'm bereaved Midsummer's Eve
When my love meets his foe.
And always, always he must lose
And from him I must go
Until Midwinter winds us back
And lays my captor low.

(So I) never grieve for falling leaves,
Bare trees with crawing crows,
The rushing-in of winter wind
Or gentle brush of snow.
They herald all my truelove's call
As all his powers grow.
At darkness' height, he wins the fight
And lays my captor low.

Till the banner world is fin'lly furled,
I fear it must be so.
Each time a warring suitor wins,
I'm taken into tow.
But in the end, which one will win?
If only I could know
If he will die while I stand by,
Or lay my captor low.

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