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Maureen's Filkbook

Updated January 6, 2002

Here's some filksongs I've written. Some are originals, some are parodies. No doubt if I were sensible, I would post only the cream of the crop, but I'm not sensible. :) However, for those who just want a taste of my work instead of digging through the whole thing, I've also posted a list of general favorites.

Just a Taste

"Barrayaran Roses"
"Crossin' Myths Some"
"Dead Dog Time"
"Like Water"

By Subject

Science Fiction

To clear some space on this page, TV shows and other things about which I've written multiple songs have their own pages.
Babylon 5
Doctor Who
Lois McMaster Bujold


"Abusing My Religion"
"Alien Radio Loveline"
"All Their Green"
"Are You Going Out on the Long Run?"
"Ashes on the Wind"
"Banshee Blues"
"Boring Days"
"The Bratwurst Song"
"Briar Rose"
"Brunner's Goodnight"
"Cantiga de Victoria"
"Carbuncle Carols"
"Children of Lir"
"Convention Farewell"
"Dancer in the Darkness"
"Dangerous 1.1"
"The Dark of Your Hair"
"Dead Dog Time"
"The Dead Woman's Son"
"Delta Clipper"
"Dragonfly Song"
"Dying Dyson Sphere"
"The Elven King's Children"
"Elves on Motorcycles"
"Fair Catherine and the Cursed Knight"
"Falcon Dream"
"Filk FAQ"
"Filkin' po-Ruskii"
"The Gafiated Fan"
"Garden Pests"
"Go to a Con"
"The Golden Age"
"Great Detective" (An SH22 Slobber Song)
"Himiko's Song"
"Honor's Reward"
"I Am She"
"I Can Crush You -- Like That!"
"I Didn't Miss You"
"I Filked It"
"I Love My True Love"
"In the Forest of Stars"
"It's All about Us"
"Just One Step"
"The Language of Love"
"Leronis' Dilemma"
"Lonely Filker (A Capella Blues)"
"Mairghread na Roiste"
"March of the Sidhe"
"The Marshals' Song"
"May Morning"
"Meatball Song"
"Medea's Curse"
"Merrymaids' Lament"
"Mindwalk If You Will"
"The Moon"
"The Morrigan"
"Music of the Night"
"My Birds"
"Night Meetings"
"No More Sad Songs"
"On My Mind"
"Opal Eyes"
"Our Family Banshee"
"Outside (Into My Nintendo)"
"Passionate God"
"Patriot Games"
"People of Fandom"
"The Prize"
"Put Dresses Away"
"Ray's Goodbye"
"Reavin' Down the Dragon's Teeth"
"Red Camellias"
"Red Velvet"
"The Return"
"Rosie's Song"
"A Rose for Zelazny"
"Sidekick's Song"
"Silver Wheel"
"Sleep, My Weary Fen"
"South with the Cranes"
"The Stars Forget Their Name"
"Steerswoman's Answer"
"Strange Wine"
"Tech Support"
"Too Important Not to Make Mistakes"
"Unicorn Variation"
"Vampire Hymn"
"Vanye Alone"
"Venger's Wisdom"
"The Web Luddite's Song"
"Wednesday Night"
"White Velvet"
"Who Rules the Disk?"
"Wind Beneath Wings"
"Your Realm's Name Here"






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