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Er, so what's filk?
And who are you?
And what filks have you written?
Pre-Filk Filk with MIDIs!
Links to Darn Near All the Filk on the Web, By Subject: Science fiction and fantasy, fandom, the SCA, computers, science & technology, and the Real World. And yes, I do get these research frenzies sometimes.

My Filks

Here's some filksongs I've written.Some are originals, some are parodies. I hope you like them.

By the way, friends, this May marked the 8th anniversary of my first participation in a filksing (at Contraption in 1989). This August marked the 10th anniversary of the first filk tape I ever bought (Off Centaur's $5 sampler tape) and the 11th anniversary of my introduction to filk qua filk (the opening quote in Bjo Trimble's autobiography, On the Good Ship Enterprise). I still love filk. I guess I always will.

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