Gaming Filk

Songs about role-playing games, card games, computer and video games, and gamers.

The Gamer Jargon Web Site says that "Gamers usually consider themselves the "highest functioning" geek group, with some validity, over trekkers, furries, anime otaku, SCAers, etc. Without a doubt, the lowest functioning geeks, the kings of the geeks, the geeks even geeks consider geeks, are the filkers." Speaking as a gamer, an otaku, a SCAdian, a filker, and sister to a moderate furry, I can tell you that gamers are exactly as "high functioning" or "low functioning" as all the rest, and that a lot of the other groups consider us gamers to be the ultimate geeks. I don't know if this is good, bad, or indifferent, but it's true.
Updated December 9, 2001.


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