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Updated December 30, 2003

I have a reputation in the filking community for writing dark, sad songs. Little do they know that on the JAG fanfic list, I have a reputation for writing the mushy stuff! I must confess that I'm a Harm/Mac shipper -- a person who wants to see Harmon Rabb and Sarah "Mac" Mackenzie to get together. And yes, I still have good hope that they will.

Character Songs:

The show's lasted long enough that I feel I must present songs in chronological order.

Prequel to the Show

Biplane: While Harm was on leave after his Tomcat crashed "on a storm-tossed carrier deck at night", he rebuilt a Stearman biplane. Based on conversation from 2nd season's "Full Engagement".

Horizon: A song about the life and loves of Harmon Rabb, Sr. This includes information that viewers did not learn until 5th season's "Ghosts of Christmas Past" and 4th season's "Gypsy Eyes".

Third Season

The Game (Clay's Calypso): A few words from Clayton Webb. You gotta feel sorry for the guy....

X-JAG Land: written after seeing the trailer for "Vanished", that ep where Harm and Bud go hunting a downed pilot and some UFOs.

All the Ghosts: Mac starts dating Dalton Lowne, and Harm starts worrying about the future of their partnership. Based on "Vanished".

You're in Love: Mac's thoughts during and after "People v Rabb". Contains shipper stuff.

O Harmon Rabb: A serious JAG Christmas song from Mac's POV. I have no life.

Wishes: Harm and Mac duet, based on their conversation in "Father's Day". Contains shipper stuff.

Never Mine, or Sympathy for the Date Boy. I'll feel sorry for anybody!

She Came to Me: Harm's thoughts about the end of "Death Watch". Very very shippy!

Fourth Season

All Quiet. Chegwidden during "Embassy".

Harmon Rabb Made Me Filk This: Harm during his second stint as a fighter pilot. Shippy.

Fifth Season

I've Lost Her: Harm after that little trip to Sydney. Shippy, o'course.

Sixth Season

The Fighting Barristers: Harm and his new buddy Capt. Volkonov go to Chechnya.

Bye, Mic: What I thought Mac should do about Mic.

Fanfic Songs:

Bethesda Hospital: Based on JAGClaire's story. Heh, heh.

Devil Puppy: What if Mac had a baby? Inspired by comments on Maeve's message board. Non-shipper safe.

In a Garden: Based on Kathleen Klatte's fanfic series A Walk in the Garden, which you can read at Ex Libris. Mac's song about her life with Harm. Contains shipper stuff.

Sweet Rowan: Based on Win Day's fanfic series Suite Rowan which you can read at Ex Libris). Harm's song about Rowan Mallory.

JAG Fandom Songs:

Call Her Al: A fragment.

Girls, We Really Want Harm: why so many women on the JAG discussion list drool over the character.

Hint of Connection: a musical essay on why we shippers do what we do.

Two songs for the cast and crew of JAG: Have I Told You Lately and The Show You Started.

I also wrote the school song for the Cyber Institute of JAGology (now just a fond memory, alas).

Finally, a small collection of JAG fanfic disclaimer songs. And that doesn't work, I know this filker who's a lawyer.... ;)

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