A-Maying I Will Go

Lyrics & Music: Maureen S. O'Brien
Inspired by: Robin Hood, 1991 (P Bergin, Uma Thurman)

I will not wed for gold;
I will not wed for land;
He makes the maytrees blossom, so I will take his hand.

     Oh, a-maying I will go, and a-maying I will go
     Go tell the maidens, oh, that a-maying I will go
     And a-maying I will go.

I will not wed for treaties,
For safety, peace, and rest;
But I will wed the man who makes the bees buzz in my breast.

I will not be a symbol;
I will not play a part;
I'll go a-maying when he brings the springtime to my heart.

Oh, my father won't agree
And my mother thinks it wrong,
But I will wed my own true love and that before too long.

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