Curved border of brown dragons.

It's All About Us

Lyrics: Maureen S. O'Brien, 1995
to the tune of: "Soul", Billy Joel (River of Dreams album?)
Insp: Due South.

[Ray sings]
He stands around all day
With his stupid Mountie suit on.
He'd look just like a maple leaf,
If maple leaves wore hats.
And he comes around at night,
And he meddles with my cases,
And he hangs out at the station, and
He helps me stay alive.

CH: [Both sing]  It's all about us.
                 It's all about friends who're closer than brothers.
                 It's all about us.
[Fraser to Ray]  You'll be there for me.
[Ray to Fraser]  You'll be there for others.
[Fraser to Ray]  Upholding the right,
                 And shining a light out into the night.
[Ray to Fraser]  Whatever we do, we're friends, me & you.
[both sing]      It's all about us!

CH:[Dief does the na-na part thus:]
Woof-woof-woof-woof woof-woof-woof, woof-awhooooooo!
[Repeats once]

[Fraser sings]
He comes around at night,
And he heckles me on duty
And he drags me home for dinner;
'Cause he thinks that I'm too thin.
And his mother calls me son --
And my wolf and he aren't speaking --
And he tries to hold his sister off
When they're off to Mass at dawn.


Dief's Woof-Woofs continue ad calling-the-pound-eam, and Ray speaks over them:

"Don't try to sweet-talk me now, wolf.
 You're the one who crashed my Riv.
 I'm sorry you can't drive a stick, and I'm gonna make you sorry, too!
 Whaddaya mean, I oughta be used to losing Rivs by now?
 (growls) I'm still not talking to you!"
Ray begins to hum loudly and stick his fingers in his ears.

Fraser speaks, as the sound of Ray's humming and Dief's barking begins to
fade: "Let someone be your friend, and you pay and pay and pay...."

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