Curved border of brown dragons.


Lyrics & Music: Maureen S. O'Brien, 1992
Insp: just a nice Celtic song, a bit inspired by my grandparents.

I didn't see one firework, I didn't hear one bell,
I didn't feel my truelove's eyes entanglin' me in spells.
I didn't think of weddings then, or realize I fell
But since I saw my truelove, there's been nobody else.

	And it's, I love my truelove, I love my truelove, oh
	And it's, how every day our love is sure to grow
	And it's, how glad I've been that I've never been alone
	Since the day I wed my truelove back so many years ago,
		Back so many years ago.

At times we fight, at times we fuss, at times we stand and yell.
Don't always like each other, but we love each other well.
There's more of work and livin' than the poets tend to tell,
But if it isn't Heaven, it hasn't been a Hell. 


So raise a glass to both of us, to my truelove and me,
And hope our health will hold out till we're both a hundred-three;
And here's to what comes afterwards, that we still hope to see --
Eternity's not long enough for lovers such as we.


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