Line of stars in space.

The Moon

Lyrics: Maureen S. O'Brien, 1995
To the Tune of: "Marguerite", Nan Knighton/Frank Wildhorn (from _The Scarlet Pimpernel_) Awards: This song won the Ose Parody section of the OVFF Songwriting Contest in 1995.

While I was born and taken home,
The astronauts in craters roamed.
My mother rocked me while they walked above me.

And when I was just three years old,
I heard the words my father told --
That someday I could fly as high and lovely.

I knew Luna was a place, not a face madly bright.
Getting there was only three days in flight.

The harvest moon sags close and full.
It's in my blood. I feel its pull.
But it's as far as any star in heaven.

For as I grew, the dream was lost,
And no one knew how much it cost
To know that space was not a place I'd live in.

        But still I can see it,
        Sometimes -- in dreams --
        Bare and white,
        Black with molten streams.
        Half life in darkness
        And half in light --
        Curving 'round the world
        In the pearl earthlight...

               But now I give up on my tune --
               I'll never live up on the Moon! 

When I am old, and when I die,
Someone may feel as sad as I
Am feeling when I see I've been born too soon.

The harvest moon hangs close and full.
It's in my blood. I feel its pull.
But oh, my feet will never meet the Moon!

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