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Updated January 18, 2001

Filks concerned with religion -- from hymns to satires to nasty slams and everything inbetween. This section is organized by religion/belief (or religion/belief being slammed). And since it's my page, I got to pick how to organize 'em.

And here's a non-filk statement to begin with, from Paul Gadzikowski....


Christian(and/or NT):

Jewish (and/or OT):



These songs are by some very brave people who are fighting this bunch of brainwashers and brainwashees. But as you can see, they haven't lost their sense of humor!


(not a religion, but where would you put it?):

Nondenominational, Unitarian, other, various, and miscellaneous:

Humor/spoof/hoax/fanmade religions:

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