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You can get a translation of Russian webpages at It won't be perfect, but it'll be a start.

Original Webpage My Translation
Fangorn Audio Fangorn Audio
Kaminniy Zal: Muzikal'naya Komnata Hall of Fire: Music Room
Lora Bocharova: Musika Lora Bocharova: Music
Menestreli Sredizemlya Minstrels of Middle-Earth
A. Sviridov: Pesni Alexei Sviridov: Songs
Pesni i Ispolnenie Khatula           (Songs and Performances by Khatul)
Russian filk videos
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"But for a long while they sang only each alone, or but few together, while the rest hearkened...Yet ever as they listened they came to deeper understanding, and increased in unison and harmony."

"Ainulindale", The Silmarillion, J.R.R. Tolkien

Filk music (the community music of science fiction and fantasy fans) has been created by fans in many countries. Filkers in English-speaking countries, Austria, and Germany have a reasonable amount of contact with each other; but outside that community, we have only rumors, convention reports, and the odd visitor to go by. So I'm happy to have found these Russian filk pages -- so happy that I've translated them for other English-speaking fans to read and enjoy.

The original song titles are transliterated; the titles' translations are in italics.  (My unsolicited comments are in small print.) Translated lyrics are available if the translated titles show  a link. I'll try to keep up with changes on Russian sites. By the way, if you have Windows 95, you should be able to see the Russian pages' Cyrillic characters at will. If you have another system or encounter difficulties, try Stephan's Cyrillic Font Links to Russify your computer.

"Therefore when they beheld them, the more they did love them, being things other than themselves, strange and free...."

The original text, pictures and content of the webpages belong to their authors, of course. The Russian webpages are prettier than this one, and include pictures of the filkers! And Pavel Fomichev's CD is now available from Southern Fried Filk, so check it out!

Other Russian Links (not translated)

Kilor's Minstrels on the Net is an mp3 link site of huge proportions. Over 100 Russian filkers are linked or found here.

Elerrame's Tolkien Page provides mp3s of Esthera, Martyel, Elerrame and Ahtener. The Biblioteka provides lyrics as well as poems and stories.

Fantasy Music Club at the Citadel of Olmer and
Perumov's song archive includes pages for Heledis and Nienna mp3s, as well as links to Fangorn and the Fangorn Basement. The rest of it is mostly lyrics, tabs and mp3s for fantasy-themed metal and folk.

RPG: Archive RPG, a big Russian roleplaying site, has a rather sizable archive of lyrics and mp3s of gamer songs. Man, are these Russians busy or what?! :) Includes songs by Sbornik, Den Eretik (Nazgul), Potanya (Svetlana Panteleeva), Tem (Natalya Novikova) and Iovi and various friends. Includes some of the same mp3s as on Sverdlov and Fangorn's pages, so don't just download everything.

Deglyn Fey's page includes MP3s and song lyrics for her new album "Kvest" (Quest), released under her mundane performing name, Jane.

Songs and Performances by Khatul Many filk MP3s in zip files, including Hebrew songs as well as Russian ones. There's also Khatul's (Eli Bar-Yalom) homepage in his new home in Israel (no filk content).

Flying Green's site includes Gaming Songs with lyrics with chords for songs by Tem, Eowin, Sbornik, Den Nazgul, Skadi, Gakhan, Nienna, Nizvesten, and Alexei Sviridov. Also includes MP3s of some of these songs.

Roleplaying Music includes an MP3 archive which includes many works, including the entire filk opera _The Silmarillion and the Death of Feanor_ and works by filkers such as Illet, Alexei Sviridov, Eowin, Narodnaya, A. O'Shannon, Olga Tishina, Grusha "Dryakhpost", Larisa Bocharova, Dmitriy Protasov, Philigon the Kender, the Temple Collective, Rust, and Ryazanich. Also, an excellent links page.

Studio Polnolunie (Full Moon) has mp3s and a filk video. Many many works by filkers Alexander Oschepkov, Olga Afraimovich, Ruslan Bazhin, Roman Strelchenko, Sergei Viborov, Oleg Medvedev, Dmitriy Ruzhnikov, Eleanora Krizhaeva, Egor Naimushin, Svetlana Homaiko, the group Perekrestki, Inna Demeeva, Renat Bayazitov, Roman Gavrilin, Max Kuzikov, Leonid Andrulaitis, Andrei Zemskov, the group VDMV, and Vladimir Lantzberg.

Studio Siberian Tract has many many MP3s. Go to each filker's individual page.

Tolchenov's 6x6 Club BBS Sound section includes truly ludicrous amounts of content -- vast tracts of RealAudio and mp3 recordings from various Zilantcons and filkers (with song lyrics!).

Chords: Tol Eressea Library. Russian filk lyrics with chords! Includes songs by the fabulous Nienna and Skazochnik, as well as Alira, Eowin, Mirgil, Eilian, and Esthera.

Mordor's music section includes lyrics and some midi files (of early music or a good imitation).

Pavel Fomichev's album "Music of the Elves" is Tolkien-inspired, and I suspect his song "My Solaris" on the album of the same name is inspired by the Lem novel. His page is in English, and instrumentals need no translation. Good stuff.

Gorod Krim (Crimean City) features Sauronich of Minsk mp3s in their Music Room, along with lyrics. (Well, it says they're mp3s, but I seem to be getting .wav files instead.)

The Unofficial Saratov Page includes pages on music including mp3s, pictures and information about Potanya, Firiven, Nadezhda Von Gollum, Eowin, Sergey Berezhnoy, Sergey Kalugin, Den Nazgul, and assorted 'musical guests'. I'm not sure if this is a convention page, club page, or what, but there's a lot here.

Zilantcon '99 Minstrels with pictures and mp3s from the con.

Heledis includes a poem, a picture of herself, and many mp3s.

Illet (who has several tracks available through the Hall of Fire at Muzikal'naya Komnata) has an album coming out from Fangorn Video called Bolch'e Solntse (Wolf Sun). There is a list of tracks but no mp3s available as yet. Here is my translation of her album page.

Dragon's Garden: Morion/Moriel's music page. Includes mp3 settings of Tolkien and Moriel's poetry.

Rust's homepage. Contains many wonderful pictures of Russian fandom, including one of filker Kelli (D. Bromberg). Also contains a link to Rust's lyrics and MP3s at Arda-na-Kulichkah.

Skady has a new album coming out called "Dveri" (Doors). Two MP3s are available: "Serii Ogon'" (Gray Fire) and "Avtobus" (Bus). Here is my translation of the album page. Skady also has a page, which includes a discography of her previous albums with some mp3s, and her own section of Askar's Archive of poetry.

RPG Novosibirsk's Audio Links. I found a lot of these pages here!

Fangorn Video studio website and FTP site. FTP site for Alexei Sviridov and Larisa Bocharova. Also includes lovely videos of various conventions, as well as HI '95 - '98 (referred to numerous times in the pages above).

Elinor's Archive: Menestreli (Minstrels) and Menestreli i Srednevekov'e (Minstrels and the Middle Ages).

Xanadu Weyr has a collection of Pernese filk in both Russian and English.

Askar's Archive includes poetry by filkers Skadi, Skazochnik, and Elfishe.

Elerrame's Tolkien Page. Archive of Russian Tolkien fans' work includes a poetry archive and mp3s, including songs by Esthera, Ahtener, Elerrame, and Martyel.

The Shop of Worlds (English mirror) is a stunning tribute not only to one of my favorite authors, but to Russian fans. What stubbornness, to plan to re-translate Bujold's books! And what great articles, too!

Russian Fantastic A resource page for Russian fandom.

Russian Astronomy: links to lots of official Russian space and astronomy sites, as well as articles and books for the amateur astronomer and some cartoons.

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This unauthorized translation of these Russian filk pages was translated by Maureen O'Brien. Send comments and corrections to me, and good feedback (and CD orders) to the Russian filkers. I apologize for any mistakes or misinterpretations.

"But I will sit and hearken, and be glad that through you great beauty has been wakened into song."