[Your Realm's Name Here] Curved border of brown dragons.

[Your Realm's Name Here]

Lyrics: Maureen O'Brien, 1992-4
Music: tto "Your State's Name Here"

There's a land that I love & I love to call home,
Where my thoughts return ever, wherever I roam --
Every rod of it lovely, each ell of it dear --
It's the fairest of kingdoms; it's [your realm's name here]!

[Your realm's name here]! [Again]! What a realm!
We're safe with [your monarch's name here] at the helm,
And with [your monarch's consort's name here] standing near;
The ship of state glides on in [your realm's name here]!

Our chivalry's noble, our seneschals wise.
Our ladies and lords wield the brightest of eyes.
Our vines and our grains yield the best wines and brews,
And our cooks make [the names of some medieval stews].

We keep our traditions and customs with care,
Like [some slang no one uses unless they live there].
We rear up [your children] and worship [your God],
And with patriotism, we curse at the BoD!


The beauty of [your realm's name here] is immense,
And it spurs us to stand in [your realm's name]'s defense.
We will bash all [your enemy's folk's name] we see,
But we always will do it most courteously.

So sing it out loud, so the Knowne Worlde can hear:
[Your realm's name here], [your realm's name here]!
It's there I was born and it's there I grow old,
Where the women love men*, and the merchants love gold!

* the women love men: yes, this is also totally generic. Surely no member of the SCA feels anything less than lovingkindness towards any other member?

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