Maureen's Babylon 5 Filks

Updated December 29, 2003

Babylon's Isle: Yes, yet another B5 Gilligan's Isle filk.
Back on the Line: 1st season Sinclair.
Boom! Boom! Boom!: We all hail Ivanova!
How Many Years to Babylon 5?: A big fat spoiler if you can interpret it.
A Hymn to Harlan: Not that we'd pressure you or anything.
I Can't Get Over That You: Ivanova after "War Prayer".
I Have Seen the Future: And it's not one I would choose.
Like Water: Ivanova mourns in 5th season.
Nowhere I Can Go (To Be Alone): Talia just wants to get away from them all.
Ode to Jack the Security Man: Hit the road, Jack.
Sakai Is Back: And there's gonna be trouble.
To Fight Legends: Sinclair requests training.
What Do You Want?: Mr. Morden's favorite question.
When You Fall in Love: Jeff Sinclair and Catherine Sakai.
You Are Here: Sheridan in his vision.






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